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AI Assistant has revolutionized the way that customers can interact with a business online by responding to inquiries instantly, 24/7, providing great answers to questions and capturing leads. By learning from the content on a business's website, the AI assistant can automatically answer even more questions accurately with very little setup.

Website knowledge training (website scraping) is available for both partners and SMBs that use the AI-assisted Web Chat Lead Capture widget.

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How to train a business's AI assistant on the website – For SMBs using Inbox in Business App:


  • Business App with Inbox tab enabled
  • LocalSEO (free) active on the account, to test the AI Assistant before installing on a website.
  • Inbox Pro is needed to install the chat widget on a business website and make it customer-facing. 


  1. Setup an account: From Partner Center, create or select the desired client account you wish to add website knowledge to. Make sure to activate Local SEO, so that a My Listing demo chat widget is created, and make sure that the account has a website with content on it you'd like to train.
  2. From the account details page, select Open Business App.
  3. Navigate to Inbox > Inbox Settings > Web Chat Widget and select 'Configure Web Chat'
    • If you do not see Configure Web Chat, first click "Try it out today" to initialize a test Web Chat demo. Reload Inbox Settings page to see button to configure web chat.
  4. Go to 'AI Assistant' settings card, and select 'add knowledge' then choose "Website"
  5. Follow the wizard to train the AI assistant on a website. Make sure to select all the pages you'd like to train your AI on, and save.
  6. To install the Web chat widget on the business website, make sure Inbox Pro is active on the account, and then install using the installation instructions.


Q: Why did my AI provide a certain answer?

A: The AI will use facts and knowledge that it’s been trained on. If an answer was incorrect, it’s likely that the source training data was incorrect – the most common culprit is old or incorrect information found on the website.

Q: How long does training take?

A: Depending on the size of a website, and how many pages the AI is trained on, it may take 1-5 minutes for the AI to begin using the new knowledge in its answers. Be patient after training a large website when testing.

Q: Can the AI be trained on all the pages on my website?

A: By default, only the home page of the website will be scraped. The AI can then be trained on up to 100 pages from a website. Choose ‘follow links’ or ‘sitemap’ mode for finding pages on a website to give the AI as much content as possible to answer questions for your leads and customers.

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