Collecting Payments on Sales Orders in Partner Center

Partner Center offers enhanced capabilities for managing sales orders. Sales orders sent for customer approval can optionally include a credit card input to collect payment, streamlining the transaction process.

Additionally, orders sent to customers for approval now include a signature input where the customer can type their signature before approving the order. This ensures a smoother and more secure transaction process.

Enabling the Features
Partner Center admins can follow these steps to activate these features:

  1. Navigate to Administration:
    • Go to Administration > Customize > Sales > Configure sales orders and processes.
  2. Configure Sales Orders:
    • Find the Salesperson submit actions card.
  3. Enable Customer Approval and Payment:
    • Ensure that "Allow salespeople to send an order to customers for approval" is checked.
    • Check the box for "Orders sent for approval by salespeople can accept payment."

Once these steps are completed, Salespeople can select Submit for customer approval on an order, and it will be sent to the customer to approve and pay. Once paid, an invoice with a 'Paid' status will be generated as a record of the transaction. 

These features enhance the efficiency and security of the sales order process, making it easier for customers to approve and pay for their orders seamlessly.

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