Try AI-assisted lead capture before activating Inbox Pro

For users to see and experience the AI lead capture trained on a specific business’s data before activating any paid products – every business app account with Local SEO active comes with a demo of the AI lead capture widget installed on the business’s My Listing page, that can be configured and trained on custom data.

How to use this demo

Navigate to Partner Center and create a new account for any service type business. Make sure Local SEO (free) is active on the account.

Go to Business App > Inbox Settings for the account, and click on the Try now button on the My Listing Web Chat card. This will open the My Listing page with a web chat already active for the business. The AI can immediately answer basic questions using info from Business Profile.

Additionally, you can return to Inbox Settings and reload the page, and you’ll see a button to configure the AI web chat - this is where custom knowledge can also be added.

Why customers love this:

Partners can now very easily demo AI lead capture to clients before activating anything – and it can magically answer questions about that specific business.


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