Integrate Quickbooks with Partner Center

The Quickbooks Integration in Partner Center allows users to sync data between Quickbooks and Vendasta.

Setting up the Integration

Users can set up a connection with Quickbooks by navigating to the Integrations page of Partner Center.

  • Click on Administration > Integrations to navigate to the Integrations page.
  • Click on the Quickbooks Integration Card.

  • Users will be taken to the Quickbooks Marketing page, providing them with information on what Quickbooks is and the possibilities that an Integration with Quickbooks provides. Click on Add Connection.

  • This provides users with a Pre-Connect Form popup where users can define the data that they want to synchronize between Quickbooks and the Partner Center CRM. The syncing options available are:
    • Customer Data
    • Invoice Data
    • Sales Receipt Data
    • Payment Data

Click Continue after choosing the options that apply.

  • This leads to a single sign-on page where users can sign in to their Quickbooks account and provide permissions to establish the connection.
  • Upon successful connection, users will be automatically redirected to the Manage tab on the Integrations page where they can confirm the recently created connection with Quickbooks.
  • The established connection is shown on the Manage tab and the marketing page, as shown below:

  • Clicking either card will bring the user to the Connection Settings page where the user may specify what data to sync or choose to disconnect the integration.

Please note: After the initial connection with Quickbooks, all contacts in Quickbooks are synced with the Partner Center CRM. Users can opt out of this by deselecting the Sync Customer Data option on the form during the initial connection.

Manage Synced Data

Users can choose the data that they want to sync between Quickbooks and Partner Center CRM:

  1. Contact Data
  2. Invoice Data 
  3. Sales Receipt Data
  4. Payment Data

Ensure that there is an active connection with Quickbooks by clicking on the Manage tab on the Integrations page and checking for the Quickbooks Connection card.

  • Clicking on the Connection Card takes the user to the Connection Settings page. Here, the user can specify what data is to be synced.

Integration Example

Consider, for example, a contact in Partner Center named Amy. Amy's contact profile in Partner Center shows no recent activities recorded.

The business creates an invoice for Amy in Quickbooks.

A note is created on Amy's contact profile in Partner Center with details from Quickbooks, including Invoice Number, Contact Name, and Invoice amount.

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