Inbox in Multi-Location

What is it?

For businesses utilizing Inbox Pro to manage communication across multiple locations, the Multi-Location Inbox feature offers a streamlined solution. Multi-Location Inbox aggregates all conversations from various accounts into a single Inbox. This enables teams to efficiently handle customer communication via Google Business Messages, Facebook, Instagram (Coming soon), SMS, and Web Chat conversations, all within one centralized platform.

Key Features

Easy Setup: Users can opt-in to Multi-Location Inbox by clicking the "Start Using Multi-Location Inbox" button. This action pulls past and future conversations from all accounts within the group into a single, easy-to-access Inbox.
Cross-Channel Messaging: Multi-Location Inbox supports communication across all available channels, including Web Chat (Pro), Email, Lead Capture Forms, SMS (Pro), Google Business Messages, Facebook, and Instagram (coming May 2024).
Closing and Opening Conversations: Conversations can be seamlessly "closed" within Multi-Location Inbox, reflecting the status across single-location accounts as well.
Mobile-Friendly: The Multi-Location Inbox is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to stay connected and respond to messages on the go.

Please Note: For teams managing communications across multiple locations, we recommend bookmarking the Multi-Location Inbox and keeping it open throughout the day to ensure prompt responses to incoming messages.

Setting up AI-Assisted Web Chat for Franchise Websites

For franchises with multiple locations, each with its team managing leads, installing a unique web chat widget on each location's website ensures separate lead and contact databases for each location. Alternatively, franchises with a centralized team can designate a single-location account as the "HQ" and install the Inbox web chat widget from that account to manage leads centrally.

How to Use

  1. Navigate to the desired multi-location group. 
  2. Click Inbox - This is where you will be able to access a unified view of all conversations from all accounts within the group.
  3. Select Start using multi-location inbox to get started!


Q: How long does it take for all conversations to load after clicking "Start using Multi-location Inbox"?

A: The loading time varies depending on the number of accounts and conversations being aggregated. It can take a few seconds to a few minutes. There is no notification for completion, so checking back after a few minutes is recommended.


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