Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email (and Web Chat DEMO) now available to all users of Business App

What is it?

As a Vendasta Partner, you no doubt want to provide as much value as possible to your clients, especially if that value creates daily active users and results in high retention because their processes are so deeply integrated with the platform your provide them (Business App).

To help you with this, Business App Standard now comes with incredible lead capture and customer communication features out of the box: Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Email messaging connected to the powerful CRM.

And to provide even more value, with Inbox Pro upgrade, your clients can install AI-assisted lead capture and get SMS messaging too.

How to Use

  1. Navigate to the desired account, and visit Inbox. You and your clients will now be encouraged to connect these accounts to Inbox, without Inbox Pro activated. 
  2. Go to Inbox Settings, and users of Inbox Standard will now see new settings cards for Email, Google, Facebook, Instagram (coming soon), and they can setup and message
  3. On the account, you will see Inbox integrations active even without Inbox Pro active.


Q: Why should I upgrade to Inbox Pro, if all these channels are available on free?

A: Inbox Pro unlocks the ability to install AI-assisted lead capture widget on your own website, as well as SMS messaging in the US and Canada. In addition, more upgrades are coming to Inbox Pro in 2024.

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