Discounts in Invoices and Subscriptions

Discounts can now be conveniently applied to line items in subscriptions or client invoices, offering flexibility in managing billing. Discounts are seamlessly integrated into the billing process, displaying the discounted values clearly for clients. It's worth noting that discounts are applied prior to any tax calculations.


Types of Discounts

There are two primary types of discounts available for your clients: 

  1. Fixed Amount Discounts: Easily deduct a specified amount from a line item. For instance, if a single unit of a product is priced at $100, applying a fixed amount discount of $20 reduces the final sale price to $80 per unit.
  2. Percentage Discounts: These discounts deduct a specified percentage from the invoice line item total. For example, applying a 20% discount to a $100 invoice reduced the final sale price to $80. 

Adding a Discount to an Invoice

Discounts can be effortlessly added to invoices or subscriptions.

Adding to an Invoice:

  1. Begin by creating a draft invoice within the client account.
  2. Select the desired line item and click the kebab icon to the right, then choose "Add discount".


      3. On the discount setup page, specify the discount name and type.


      4. Save the changes to apply the discount to the invoice line item.



Adding a Discount to a Subscription

You can add discount to a subscription and have it applied to the invoices generated from the subscription. The discount can have start and end date, or it can run indefinitely.  

  1. Navigate to the active subscription to which you want to apply the discount.


    2. Click "Add discount", initiating the discount setup process.

    3. Provide a discount name and select the type.

    4. Optionally, set the duration or choose to apply the discount indefinitely.


    5. Save the changes to have the discount automatically applied to future subscription invoices.


Editing or cancelling discounts in a subscription

Managing subscription discounts is straightforward:

  1. Discounts can be configured with an end date or edited/cancelled directly from the subscription line item within the client account.
  2. Access the kebab menu on the discount and select "Edit discount" or "Cancel discount" as needed.


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