Connecting TikTok to Advertising Intelligence

You can connect your TikTok Business account to Advertising Intelligence, unlocking valuable insights into your TikTok Ads campaign performance. This integration allows you to analyze key metrics and gain a comprehensive understanding of your TikTok advertising efforts within Advertising Intelligence.

Connecting Your TikTok Ads Account

  1. Access Advertising Intelligence: Launch Advertising Intelligence and navigate to your account.
  2. Connect TikTok Business Account: Navigate to Settings > Connections within Advertising Intelligence and establish a connection with your TikTok Business account.

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Exploring Your TikTok Ads Data

Once connected, Advertising Intelligence provides a wealth of data to analyze your TikTok Ads performance:

Campaign Overview Metrics:  Access key metrics like impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR) directly from the Advertising Intelligence Overview section. You can customize the displayed metrics based on your admin view settings.

Detailed Campaign and Ad Group Analysis: Drill down deeper to explore the granular details of your campaigns and ad groups. This allows for a more in-depth analysis of performance across different aspects of your TikTok advertising strategy.

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Conversion Tracking (For Admins):  Admin users within Advertising Intelligence have the ability to select and view conversion metrics. This helps to track the effectiveness of TikTok Ads in driving desired actions.

Executive Report: Advertising Intelligence incorporates your TikTok Ads data into the comprehensive Executive Report. This report, located under the "Advertising" section, provides a high-level view of your overall advertising performance, including TikTok Ads alongside your other connected advertising platforms.

By leveraging the power of Advertising Intelligence and the TikTok Ads connection, you can gain a deeper understanding of your TikTok advertising efforts, optimize your campaigns for better results, and make data-driven decisions to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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