How to Activate the Amazon $500 Promotion

Get $500 in FREE digital ads with each purchase of Vendasta’s AI-assisted webchat!

In today's competitive landscape, small and medium-sized businesses are constantly seeking ways to generate more business. However, the challenge lies in effectively following up with and converting leads generated through paid digital advertising. To address this issue, Vendasta is introducing an exclusive promotion for Channel Partners, aimed at helping clients attract and convert more leads than ever before.

For all Channel Partners and clients based in the US, Vendasta will offer a $500 digital advertising credit ($250 each month over two months) for each new activation and installation of Inbox Pro’s AI-Assisted Webchat Widget.

How Does it Work?

First Two Months

Service Activation: Upon activation and installation of the Inbox Pro AI-assisted Webchat Widget, you will receive a $500 digital advertising credit ($250 each month over two months).

Campaign Setup: Our team will add the promotional service to your marketplace, allowing you to place your order seamlessly.

Upon receiving your order, we will send you a confirmation along with detailed onboarding instructions to kickstart the process.
Fulfillment Form and Campaign Setup: We will await the completed fulfillment form, which contains essential information needed to commence your campaign.

Upon receiving your completed form, we will initiate the setup process, including configuring Google Analytics and/or activating the Inbox Pro AI-Assisted lead capture if necessary. This step marks the beginning of your campaign build.
Campaign Go-Live and Optimization: After setting up the campaign, we will launch it and continuously optimize its pacing to ensure you make the most out of your free $500 USD ad spend.

Approaching the Third Month

Automatic Activation of Paid Version: To ensure uninterrupted advertising and lead capture, our team will automatically activate the paid version of the service as you approach the third month.

Please Note

If you prefer not to continue with the paid version, please inform us at least 7 days before the start of your third month of service to cancel this automatic activation. The activations will be non-refundable. 

Ongoing Campaign Management: Our team will monitor and pace your campaign while providing valuable insights on a monthly basis. This ongoing support aims to help you maintain lead capture across Amazon's vast network until you decide to cancel.

Steps for Activation

  1. Ensure that you are selling 'Inbox Pro - AI-assisted web chat lead capture' by clicking 'Start Selling' from the product page in Partner Center > Marketplace > Discover Products.
  2. Fill out this form. This form notifies our team that you would like to take advantage of this promotion!image.png
  3. Our team will turn on selling for the product in your Store.
  4. Once you receive confirmation from our team, you can activate the Inbox Pro - AI Assisted Web Chat Lead Widget, and the Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Promotion products on the desired account by navigating to Partner Center > Accounts > Accounts > Select desired account > Order Products.
  5. Click 'View order' and fill out the required information for our team to start the campaign. (1).png
  6. Your set-up project will be kicked off by our team, and you will be able to view the project on the account, under the Projects section. Upon activation, our client will receive a $500 digital advertising credit ($250 each month, over two months). you for your interest in this promotion! Remember: it’s for a limited time only. Vendasta has a set amount of ad credits available, so purchase and install as many Inbox Pro - AI-assisted web chat lead capture widgets as you can before funds run out!


  1. Do I need to be based in the US in order to register for and access this service?
    • Yes - At this time your business must be incorporated in the US to register for this service. You will need to provide your legal business address during account registration.
  2. What ad network is used for the $500 in digital ads?
    • Amazon
  3. Where will my ads appear online?
    • You can reach relevant audiences as they browse, shop, and consume content on Amazon’s brands, as well as show your ads on third-party publisher websites/apps across desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps.
  4. What ad formats are available to me?
    • Currently, you can use Sponsored Display’s multi-asset, static display creatives.
  5. Are there any limitations on the types of advertisements that can be promoted?
  6. How do I get access to the promo?
  7. How many clients can I activate this promo for?
    • Unlimited, but we can only guarantee a set amount depending on your subscription tier and if they’re activated within 7 days of getting access to the promo. 
  8. Can I use this promo for clients that already have Inbox Pro - AI-assisted web chat lead capture active?
    • Unfortunately, no. The promo is only available to new purchase of Inbox Pro - AI-assisted web chat lead capture.
  9. Can I add more spend during the promotional period? 
    • At this time, no. 

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