Setting up the Zapier app integration

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What is Beta mode?

We know our Partners are eager to start using this! While our development team is still bringing some exciting new features to the Zapier integration, the Beta tag will be used to signify this. Please note that this feature is currently available only to Partners on a subscription tier that includes integrations.

Set up the integration:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Zapier account.

Step 2: Navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Integrations > Zapier > Getting Started, and click the link to join the early access list. Accept the invite.



Step 3: Create a Zap

Create a new zap with any trigger you want to test. When adding an action, search for the Vendasta CRM.


Step 4: Connect to Vendasta 

The first time that you test, you will also need to connect.

Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 11.29.29 AM.png

The next screen will ask for an organization ID. This is so that we can show you the correctly branded login screen for Vendasta. For partners that have SSO setup, you will be directed to your own login screen.

Please Note

The connection will be made using the credentials of your current user account. This allows you to send data to any CRM that you have access to. This also allows you to build zaps on behalf of your customers. Because the connection has access to do anything that you have access to, you should never set up a connection inside someone else's Zapier account. (The organization ID is only used to display the correct login screen. It does not limit access.)



Step 5: Map the fields 

Map the fields from the trigger you selected to the Vendasta action. The organization ID that you enter here is the CRM instance that will be modified.


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