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What is Beta mode?

We know our Partners are eager to start using this! While our development team is still bringing some exciting new features to the Zapier integration, the Beta tag will be used to signify this. Please note that this feature is currently available only to Partners on a subscription tier that includes integrations. 

What does the app do? 

  1. Create or update CRM contact 
    • Users will have the ability to create or update a contact in Vendasta CRM using a Zapier Action
  2. Create or update CRM companies 
    • Users can now create or update a company in Vendasta CRM using a Zapier Action
  3. Log CRM activity
    • CRM notes, emails, calls, meetings, and tasks can be logged into Vendasta CRM using a Zap. More activity types will be coming soon.
  4. Run a Vendasta automation that uses the API trigger
    • This allows any activity supported by Vendasta automations to be run in response to a Zapier trigger from the 6000+ apps that Zapier supports.
  5. Associate contacts with companies - Coming soon! 
  6. Grey Labeling of Zapier App - Coming soon! 
  7. Run automations for an account or an order - Coming soon!

Who can use the app?

The app can be used by Partners, Salespeople, and their clients as it uses the permissions of the user that set up the Zap. It should be noted that the app is Vendasta branded so if you wish to white-label the platform, you won’t be able to offer this currently. You may instead choose to build the zaps on behalf of your clients. A grey-labelled option is currently in the works!

Can the app be found in the Zapier app store?

This is coming soon!

How does this affect Reputation Management/Customer Voice review requesting?

Once automations are released in Business App, users will be able to set up an automation with the 'Send Review Request' option to a contact action that is triggered via Zapier or a CRM activity. We will have a template available to do so.

How do companies relate to accounts?

An account will be created as a copy of the company data the first time that an account is needed on the platform. Once created, updating the company record will only update the assigned Salesperson and all custom fields on the account. When a client updates their account most fields will update the company record.

Why is the app greyed out when I try to add it?

You may be trying to add the app as a trigger instead of an action! We do not currently support any Vendasta-built triggers. (You can use Zapier’s catch a webhook trigger to send data from Vendasta to other systems.)



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