Getting Started Guide: Set up and white label the platform

With the right Vendasta plan you can white label the platform to match your brand. By following these steps, you can customize Business App, update certain products products, and configure communications with your customers to represent your brand and make sure that the platform is set up and ready to go!


  1. Add your team
  2. Check out these unbranded sales materials
  3. Customize your branding
  4. Customize your domains
  5. Configure your email settings
  6. White label products
  7. Customize your customer experience
  8. Set up billing and payment collection

Add your team

It’s easy to add your team from Partner Center > Administration > My Team. Note that the number of active team members that you can add is based on your subscription.

Admins will have access to Partner Center, but you can configure their level of access.

Salespeople will have access to Sales & Success Center. Make sure to send them the welcome email so they will be able to set up their login. Manager users will have access to all market information across your sales teams.

Digital agents have access to Task Manager to do fulfillment. Manager users will have access to delete tasks and projects.

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Unbranded sales materials

In addition to the assets below, we highly recommend you check through the Screenshots & Files section of the products found in our Marketplace for more sales and marketing materials and check out our Go-to-Market section.

Customize your branding

Go to Partner Center > Administration > Partner Branding to add your logo, icons, brand color, and theme.

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Customize your domains

Completing and submitting the custom domain form ensures that your customers and salespeople will be able to access the different parts of the platform through a link that represents your brand, instead of a gray-label link. Once the form is submitted, our Support team will make updates in the back end and reach out with further instructions so that you can update your DNS records with your domain registrar.

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Configure your email settings

There are two places you will need to update your settings: Administration and Marketing. By completing this setup, you will ensure that the emails that are sent out from the platform have maximum deliverability and are being sent under your brand.


Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Email Settings and ensure that all of your email information and business contact details are accurate. 

Please note that in order to comply with anti-spam legislation, you will need to include a physical address here that will appear at the bottom of all of your emails. If this is left blank, your emails will not be sent out through the platform.

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Marketing Email Settings

Updating your email settings will ensure that the emails that are sent through the platform have maximum delivery. In Partner Center > Marketing > Email Settings you will see that we have a default authenticated domain for you that we will use to ensure your emails are delivered. 

  1. Go down to Sender domain
  2. Select Use my own domain
  3. Click Add domain
  4. Enter your domain
  5. Click Start authorizing domain
  6. Once you enter your domain, you will be provided with a list of records that will need to be added to your domain registrar. You will need to copy the values into the correct record types with your registar.
  7. Note that once these have been added, it can take up to 72 hours for your domain to be fully authenticated.

If you need help with setting up your DNS records, we have additional information on this process for GoDaddy and Namecheap. If you use a different domain registrar and you are still needing help, you can reach out to our support team.

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White label products

For select products, you can change the name and icon to represent your brand.

  1. Go to Marketplace > Products, and select the product whose name and/or icon you would like to change.
  2. Under Product Info turn on White-Label Branding.
  3. Enter your desired product name and icon.
  4. Click Save.

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Customize your customer experience

Go to Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Business App > Customize Business App. This is your portal to customize and configure the customer experience including Business App name, default notifications, Business App page and connection access, and more. Walking through each section includes embedded resources that provide context and details on the settings you can update. Click through each page and check the settings to make sure they fit for the kind of customer experience you want to create.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Customize Business App section will take you to other settings for the platform that your customer interacts with, so it can act as your one-stop area to adjust the whole customer experience.
  • If you uncheck any of the "Show this page" checkboxes, then that page will not be shown to any Business App Users at all.
  • Remember to hit the Save button after updating any of the settings in the different sections.

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Set up billing and payment collection

You can automate your monthly billing by using Vendasta Payments and using subscription billing. The steps to get set up are all detailed in Getting Started: Collect payments in-platform.


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