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Submit business details and instructions in Social Marketing to provide the AI with more context to draw in when generating text and imagery for a business' social posts. This simplifies content management, reduces the risk of errors, ensures adherence to brand guidelines, and ultimately leads to more efficient and effective social media marketing for local businesses! 

How to use

1. AI settings appear under Settings in the single-location social composer for PRO accounts.
Add free-form text in the given box that is relevant to the business and to help guide AI to generate social posts from the composer.

NOTE: Do not give subheadings, titles, or bullets in the box. Make complete sentences that will help the AI. 


2. Click save. There will be a confirmation message at the bottom of the page.


3. Once the AI settings have been saved for the business, users can go to compose a post. Click Compose and go to Create with AI which will open in the side panel. 


4. Users can see and edit the prompts.





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