Form Builder - Overview

Use forms to collect information from your visitors, and capture them as leads. With Vendasta, you can effortlessly create forms to integrate into your websites.

Create a form

  1. In Partner Center, navigate to Marketing > Forms
  2. In the upper right, click Create form
  3. Enter a name for your form
  4. Click Create



Adding and editing form fields

Adding form fields on your form to gather data from visitors. You have the option to add a rich text area among the fields, which allows for the addition of customizable text, headers, or space within your form.

By default, Email is required for a form submission to generate a contact, and Company name is required to generate a company. We verify the validity of an email address before allowing submissions. Additionally, company details are automatically captured when a company is selected from Google-powered search boxes in the company name field.

To add a form field:

  • In the “Build” tab, use the search bar to find an existing contact or company field that you would like to collect from your visitor and drag and drop the field into the main panel.
  • FormBuilder2.png
    Repeat and add all the contact and company fields you would like to collect from your web visitors.

Editing a form field:

There are a few different settings you can have on each form field

  • For all field types
    • You can set a default value, which will be submitted when the user submits an empty field.
    • You can mark the field as required, and the user can’t submit the form without filling in the required field.
    • You can make the field hidden, so users won’t see the field and can’t edit it when they fill out the form.
    • You can also populate the specific form field dynamically, which will take the query parameter from the URL to fill in the field.
      • For example, if you have a form that’s put on this link:
      • If you put “campaign” on this setting, it will pre-fill the form field with “spring-promotion” when the user submits the form.
  • For the string field
    • You can switch it to an open text field, drop-down, or provide a radio button option



Styling the form

In the “Design” tab, you can style the form’s container, font, and button.


Embedding the form

  1. In the upper right corner, Click “Embed
  2. In the “Embed Form” pop-up, click “Copy Code
  3. Paste it on the website you want to embed the form on as a HTML snippet


Use automation with forms

  • For any contact and company created from form submission, they will have their record source captured as “Form”.
  • With this, you can leverage automation to automate different processes, including generating a Snapshot Report, sending a follow-up email, adding them to a drip campaign, or creating sales task.
  • Here are two automation templates that you can get started with:
    • Create a Snapshot Report when a form is submitted
    • Send a follow-up email when a form is submitted


Spam prevention

  • You can set up reCAPTCHA in the form to prevent Spam.
  • In the form builder, under “Setting”, you can find a section called “reCAPTCHA settings”, and it will be set up automatically after you generate the site key and secret key. The generation process takes several minutes and you can learn how to generate your site key and a secret key for free here.


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