Instagram Stories in Social Marketing

When creating social media posts, you will want to effortlessly integrate Instagram Stories into your content strategy using the Social Marketing Composer. This way, you can leverage the popularity and engagement of Instagram Stories to effectively connect with your target audience and drive brand awareness. 

How to Use

Step 1 - When Instagram is selected as a social network under 'post to', it enables the option for a story or post in the Instagram Options.



Step 2 - When the publish type is selected as a post it will also have as a link option. will not appear in the multi-location composer.

Multi-location Instagram options: 


  • When the publish type is selected as a story it will allow one image or video to be posted.

  • If it is posted as a story it will expire on social networks after 24 hours.

  • If there is any text for Instagram with a story selected it will not be shown as Instagram stories do not include text.

  • Stories posted or scheduled on Instagram will be shown below in the post feed in Social Marketing.

  • Please note: Story replies are considered direct messages, not comments, and therefore will not be pulled into Social Marketing.

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