AI-assisted Web Chat Widget Overview (Inbox Pro)

With AI-assisted web chat, businesses can capture more leads from their website. An AI assistant will chat live with a website visitor, capture their contact information so a business can follow up later via SMS or email, and turn them into a customer. AI-assisted web chat is a feature of Inbox Pro product, available in the Vendasta Marketplace. It's also available for partners in the Partner Center Inbox.

How to try it right now for any account

A fully working AI-assisted web chat is available to test for any account via their My Listing page. Open Local SEO from the desired account, navigate to the My Listing tab > View My Listing. From here, you will see the Web Chat Lead Capture Widget pop up, and you can demo it to your clients! (1).png

How it works 

Once installed on a business website, the chat widget will appear to website visitors and encourage them to chat, with the goal of capturing a lead for the business.

Conversations will appear in Inbox in Business App, where a business person can respond to the lead via SMS, and try to turn them into a customer.


AI Assistant default behaviour

By default, the AI assistant "just works" with the goal of capturing lead contact info, even without any context or knowledge about the business website it has been installed on – it will engage with a website visitor, recording their question and needs, attempt to get their name and contact info (mobile number, with a fallback to email address) and alert the business that they have a new lead.


Give AI Assistant business profile knowledge

The AI assistant can be given knowledge about a business from the business profile, to be able to answer questions about what the business does, where it's located, its hours, and how to contact them. This is disabled by default, and can be enabled in the web chat settings.

These fields are shared with the AI from the account's business profile:

  • Business Name
  • Address and/or Service Areas
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Categories
  • Hours
  • Services Offered
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Social Media URLs

Custom Q&A knowledge

The AI assistant can also be given the ability to answer questions by adding addition facts in a text entry field. This field supports unlimited characters, and the AI will lookup answers to questions from this information.

How is a user notified about a new lead?

When your AI assistant is successful in capturing a name and contact info, a few things will happen automatically:

  1. A new contact is added to the CRM, with the captured info: First name, last name, phone number, and email address.
    1. If a user updates their contact info in the AI-assisted web chat (like for example, if they make a mistake), the latest contact info will be updated on the contact automatically.
  2. A "New lead" email notification is sent to users of the account, that have the notification enabled (this notification is enabled by default for Business App users)

What can I customize?

  • Color: It’s possible to customize the color of the chat widget, to match the website it’s installed on.
  • AI knowledge: Give your web chat AI assistant additional context and knowledge about the business it’s representing, be enabling “Allow access to your business profile” and "Q&A" in Business App > Settings > Inbox Settings > Web Chat Configuration

How to install the Inbox Pro Web Chat widget on a website

To install your web chat widget on your website: After Inbox Pro is activated, go to Settings > Inbox Settings > Web Chat Configuration – and set up your web chat widget. After configuring, you can copy and paste your install code into the <head> element of your website, typically just before the closing </head> tag. 


OPTION 1: To install on a WordPress site using a plugin

  1. Download the web chat widget installation plugin from Settings > Inbox Settings > Web Chat Configuration > Installation
  2. Navigate to your WordPress backend admin, usually at
  3. Go to Plugins > Add new plugin
  4. Upload the zip file containing the plugin you just downloaded.
  5. Activate the plugin. Your web chat widget should now appear on every page of your website.

OPTION 2: To install using widget code on a WordPress site with Divi theme:

  1. Copy your web chat installation code into your clipboard.
  2. Navigate to your WordPress backend admin, usually at
  3. Go to Divi > Theme Options > Integrations
  4. Paste the code into the section titled “Add code to the < head > of your blog.”
  5. Save changes. Your web chat widget should now be live on your website, on all pages.


  1. Copy the web chat widget Javascript code from Business App > Settings > Inbox Settings > Web Chat Configuration
  2. Locate your Online Store page on Shopify
  3. Click the menu and navigate to “Edit code”Group 19428.png
  4. Find your “theme.liquid” code file.Group 19427.png
  5. Locate the closing </head> tag and paste the code above it. Don’t forget to save your code!Group 19430.png
  6. Congratulations, your Web Chat widget has been installed on your website. Now you can test it.

Other Websites

To install on another website

You'll want to place your web chat widget install code into the header of your site, typically right before the closing < /head >.

Common issues:

Issue: I don’t see the web chat on my site, even though it’s installed in the right place

If the Web Chat code is installed on your website and enabled in Inbox Settings, and you cannot see it on your website, the most likely next cause is cache or plugin issues. You can try additional steps on your website to clear cache or any blocking plugins to get the web chat to appear.


Caching issues

Most websites use multiple types of caches that help the site to load faster. You’ll want to reset the caches, to get your latest website changes to appear.

  1. Browser cache – to tell your browser to load the website without using local device cache
    • Shift+command+R (Mac)
    • Ctrl + F5 (PC)
  2. Website hosting cache – clear the cache that the Website product manages, by clicking the ‘Flush Cache’ button on the Website overview page.
  3. Divi CSS cache – Disable the Static CSS File Generation cache in your Divi Theme options > Builder > Advanced
  4. Other Cache plugins – Ensure there are no other cache plugins activated on your website; if so, disable them.

Google reCAPTCHA badge is in the way

When reCAPTCHA is being used on a website form, this badge will appear in the bottom right of a webpage – which could be in the way of the web chat widget.

You can hide the badge completely on your website with some custom CSS; just make sure to follow Google’s required alternative ways to inform the user that reCAPTCHA is being used. Read more:

To hide the reCAPTCHA badge, go to your website CSS editor, 

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance » Customizer
  3. Click Additional CSS
  4. Add the snippet below:

.grecaptcha-badge {

visibility: hidden!important;


  1. Save and preview your website.

How to enable or disable the web chat in My Listing

The 'Show AI-assisted Web Chat Lead Capture' setting will be turned on by default, but if you need to turn it off, navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > General Product Settings > Local SEO and check off 'Show AI-assisted Web Chat Lead Capture.'


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