Connecting LinkedIn Ads to Advertising Intelligence

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This article guides you through connecting your LinkedIn Ads account to Advertising Intelligence. By establishing this connection, you can leverage Advertising Intelligence to gain valuable insights into your LinkedIn Ads campaign performance.


Before connecting your accounts, ensure you have:

  • An active Advertising Intelligence account.

Note: While connecting LinkedIn Ads without Advanced Reporting is possible, only account-level statistics will be reported.

Connecting Your Accounts

  1. Access Advertising Intelligence: Navigate to your account with Advertising Intelligence activated and launch the product. 
  2. Locate Connections Settings: On the left-hand navigation menu, select Settings followed by Connections.                                                                                     cacf5c81-b9c9-4bd9-9a78-13f5977e0e26.png
  3. Connect to LinkedIn Ads: Within the Connections settings, locate and select the option to connect to LinkedIn Ads. 5087e2a0-6787-4ce5-a2bf-b221f8599e22.png

  4. Review and Grant Permissions: Follow the on-screen instructions to establish the connection and grant Advertising Intelligence the necessary permissions to access your LinkedIn Ads data.

Accessing Your LinkedIn Ads Data

Once the connection is established, your LinkedIn Ads campaign metrics will be available within Advertising Intelligence. Here's where to find them:

  • All Tab: Consolidated data for all your connected advertising platforms, including LinkedIn Ads, will be accessible under the "All" tab.

  • Dedicated LinkedIn Ads Tab: Advertising Intelligence also provides a separate tab specifically showcasing your LinkedIn Ads campaign statistics.

This consolidated and dedicated view of your LinkedIn Ads data empowers you to analyze campaign performance within Advertising Intelligence, alongside data from your other connected advertising platforms.



Please Note

At this time, this feature does not fully support complete white labelling. While creating a connection for LinkedIn Ads, the permissions page will still display Advertising Intelligence even if this was customized to display different text.


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