Premium Reports: Automations

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Monitor your automatons, see execution counts, top automations and errors by automation and accounts.


The dashboard has the following visualizations in the various tiles, in the selected time range for the completed date. The 'Completed Date' filter at the top allows you to change this time range as per your needs.

  1. Automations execution counts by completed date in the selected time range.
  2. Accounts that have completed the most number of automations along with the count of automations completed for those accounts in the selected time range.
  3. Top 10 automations completed across all accounts and their execution count in the selected time range.
  4. Top 10 actions completed across all automations and their execution count in the selected time range.
  5. Counts of Activity errors by activity completed date in the selected time range.
  6. Table with details on Activity errors in the selected time range. You can click on ‘See Errors’ under Actions to see error details in the Manage Automations in Partner Center.

To download the data in the report click on the three-dot icon over to the top right-hand side of the dashboard, followed by 'Download' to see the download options.


A dashboard is often constructed from a set of different data sources. There are data freshness labels at the bottom of each dashboard that indicate the following two things:

  1. The refresh interval (text in bold and on top). This reflects how often the data source with the lowest refresh frequency gets updated.
  2. The last refresh timestamp (text at the bottom). This reflects the earliest time when a data source was last updated in the dashboard.

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