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Social Marketing Usage

Track how many of your accounts have connected to the Social Marketing product and how many are using it to make social posts to the various social platforms. Currently, supported platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.


  1. The scorecards at the top provide a high level overview of the number of accounts you have across all markets and how many of those are connected to at least one social network. You can click these numbers to drill into what accounts make these numbers up.
  2. The bar chart which shows the aggregate weekly posts across all your accounts will help you understand the patterns of social media use by connected accounts.
  3. The table provides a by-account breakdown of the social posting by your accounts made directly on the platforms as well as from the Social Marketing product in the selected timeframe.
  4. The filters at the top allow you to select a timeframe of interest to you, or, to focus on accounts that make a certain number of posts to specific platforms, or to focus on a specific account.

Connections Report

The Connections dashboard enables you to monitor the status of all your customers' connections to social, listing, and other platforms in one place. The connection services i.e. platforms currently supported are Google Business Profile, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.


    1. The scorecards at the top give you a high-level overview of the number of accounts that have connected to at least one service, accounts with broken connections, and accounts that have never connected to any services. You can click on these numbers to drill into the accounts and connections that make these numbers up.
    2. The table provides an account-level summary of connection status across services they have tried to connect, and a list of broken connections if any. The broken connections list is linked to the connections page in the Business App (see image below) for that account so you can look into it further.b4ef92b1-a370-40a0-8382-ce00e933dd15 (1).png
    3. The filters at the top allow you to filter on a specific account or only focus on connections to specific connection services.

To download the data in the report click on the three-dot icon over to the top right-hand side of the dashboard, followed by 'Download' to see the download options.


A dashboard is often constructed from a set of different data sources. There are data freshness labels at the bottom of each dashboard that indicate the following two things:

  1. The refresh interval (text in bold and on top). This reflects how often the data source with the lowest refresh frequency gets updated.
  2. The last refresh timestamp (text at the bottom). This reflects the earliest time when a data source was last updated in the dashboard.

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