AI-Generated Posts in Social Marketing

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What is it?

Create and customize social media content quickly with the AI text editor in Social Marketing's composer. Shortcuts for customizing tone, length, and style, and the ability to iterate on AI will reduce the time it takes to produce content while increasing its quality. As part of our dedication to AI transparency, this will also include improved prompt visibility, allowing users to view or edit to improve the search results with a Social Marketing prompt layered on top of the user's prompt.  

Why is this important?

Streamlines the process when a Partner or a user wants to quickly post to their social networks to save time, improve the ease of content creation, reduce research needed, and allow users to interact with their audiences faster.

How to use:

Step 1 - The social composer allows us to create with AI (Text and images). This feature is only available for PRO accounts.

Step 2 - If there is no text the 'Edit with AI' option will be greyed out.

Step 3 - Use this text box to write a post or click on Create with AI to open up a side panel with options.

Step 4 - Create with AI will open a side panel with different options as outlined here: 

a) Write a topic for the AI to generate content. This text box does not require detailed prompts, simply the topic.

Adding detailed prompts may not create well-generated content.

b) Select generating text and images or text or images as shown below.

c) Select content length - Short or long form.

d) Select Tone.

e) Check off 'Use common instructions' to use your pre-configured common instructions.

Learn more about common instructions here. 


Step 5 - While your content is being processed, the following message will show:

Step 6 - Based on the options selected the text and images will be generated which can then be used for social posts. Click 'Use this text,' or select an image to add it to the composer on the left-hand side.


Step 7 - Once the AI-generated content is added to the composer it can further be modified by selecting 'Edit with AI.' 

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 2.13.23 PM.png

Step 8 - On the side panel there is also the option to regenerate your content.

Step 9 - A prompt for the text and images will be generated by the post topic but will be hidden initially. If you would like to view the prompt, select 'show prompt or edit the prompt.

NOTE: This feature is also available in Customise by Accounts and Multi-location Business App for Pro accounts! 



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