Edited Review History in Reputation Management

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What is it?

The "Edited Review History" feature—an evolution in Reputation Management. This functionality empowers users to refine and update their reviews, promoting accuracy and authenticity. With a transparent edit log showcasing the revision timeline and user-noted changes, trust is bolstered, impulsive reactions are mitigated, and a balanced feedback culture is nurtured. This feature benefits businesses by providing constructive insights and elevating the credibility of online reviews, fostering a more informed decision-making process for potential customers.

Note: This will only be applicable to Google and Facebook reviews.


How to use this

Navigate to Reputation Management > Review Card. The Review Card for Google and Facebook will have the option “edited timeline.“

Example: The review below has been (edited about 2 months ago). Users can click on the hyperlinked text in blue and view the review history when a review has been edited.



The screenshot below shows the history of changes in review content, star rating, and date when the rating was changed and the “Live“ tag next to the review means the current view.

It highlights the field changes:

  • Reviewer Name

  • Content

  • Star Rating


The following screen will pop up when no review history is available.



Q: Why are my business reviews marked as edited, but I see no change in the history?

A: We rely on Google and Facebook to tell us when a review is edited. If a review is marked as edited on their side, we mark the same review edited even if there is no change to content, star rating or reviewer name. 

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