AI-Generated Content in Multi-location

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Using AI-suggested content helps streamline the process when a Partner or a user wants to quickly post to their social networks to save time, improve the ease of content creation, reduce research needed, and allow users to interact with their audiences faster.


Note: This is a PRO feature only. If any accounts with Social Marketing Standard are part of a group, location, or geography it will disable “Write with AI” in the social composer. 


How to Use 

Step 1 - Ensure that only accounts with Social Marketing Pro are selected either in groups, locations, geography or in general for the feature to be used.


Step 2 - In order to check which pages are Standard, click on the pages in social networks. This will open a model with connected pages. 




Step 3 - Select the PRO accounts in either group, geography or location and use AI to schedule or publish posts as explained here.

a) Click “Create with AI.” Open the side panel and add one topic to the text box for which social posts are to be written. This text box does not require detailed prompts, simply the topic.

Note: Adding detailed prompts may not create well-generated content.

b) Under the 'Generate' dropdown, there are three options - only tex, only images, or both text and images. The selection will determine what content is generated. By default, it will generate both text and images as shown below. You can also select content length, and tone! (1).png

c) Transparency in prompts - Select the three dots next to the generated content, and select 'Show technical prompt' to see the prompt for the text or images generated. 

Text - (1).png

Image -

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