Apartment Guide added as review source in Reputation Management

What is it?

Partners with property management and rental housing clients can now add Apartment Guide as a review source and view Apartment Guide consumer reviews in the "Manage Reviews" tab. Apartment Guide is a rental housing directory that helps millions of users find their perfect rental and can quickly narrow down apartments by city, state, zip code, college, or military base. Learn more about Apartment Guide here.

This review source is available for all accounts with Reputation Management Pro activated. Your client must already have a listing active with Apartment Guide to have it as a review source. To get added to the directory, please visit this page to get started. 

Why is it important?

Partners and their rental housing clients can view Apartment Guide reviews directly in the Reputation Management dashboard under "Manage Reviews" and provide a quick response by clicking the "Respond" button using integrated AI technology and customized templates, which will take the user to their business profile page at apartmentguide.com (ex. listing: Chestnut Lake)

How does it work?

In Partner Center, go to Administration > Customize > Listing Sources > Apartment Guide to activate it for all clients with the apartment complex taxonomy:

RM-Apartment-Guide-PC-Admin.png Apartment Guide - Admin -  Listings.png

Once that is activated, visit the client account to ensure that Apartment Guide is selected, Reputation Management > Listings > Listings:

Apartment Guide - Primary - Listings - activate.png

Then visit Reputation Management > Manage Reviews to see Apartment Guide listed under "Sources" on the Filters menu:

Apartment Guide - Manage Reviews.png

Users are encouraged to utilize the AI suggest response or a template response that can be copied and used to respond on the apartmentguide.com website:

Apartment Guide - Manage Reviews - use AI to respond.png

If Apartment Guide does not appear here then return to steps 1 and 2. Also, visit "Primary Listings" in the main navigation menu to ensure that the business information is correct (see below). If “Accurate listing found” or "Listing found with possible errors" is the status then return to "Manage Reviews" on the left menu and Apartment Guide should now be listed as a primary source. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the correct information to appear once the review source has been enabled.

Apartment Guide - Primary Listings.png

If the review source is still not appearing, check under "Markets" in Customize in the main Partner Center admin area. Customize - Markets.png

If a Market was created and customized it will need to be enabled.



Note: Apartment Guide will not appear as a review source if the apartment complex or rental property does not have a profile at apartmentguide.com or has a profile but does not have any reviews at apartmentguide.com.




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