Reconnecting your Facebook Account in Social Marketing

What is it?

Due to Meta policy changes, we are required to manage accounts differently on our platform. Partners and their clients will be required to reconnect Facebook following the steps described here. In the platform there will be a banner to click to facilitate the reconnection to Facebook. The timeline to complete this is August 30, 2023. 

Why is this important?  

To continue using Facebook in Social Marketing, this is a necessary step. Therefore, it is essential to reconnect your account to receive the full benefits of the service, including insights, analytics, and scheduled postings. 

How does it work?

The product will display a banner for Partners and their clients to reconnect to Facebook.

Step 1 - Click on the banner “Reconnect” from any place in the product. Banner is seen in Overview, Recent Posts, Scheduled Posts, Calendar, Post Performance, and Connect Accounts. On the "Connect Accounts" page, the reconnect button is not seen since it is on the same page (see below).


Step 2 - The Reconnect will lead to Settings → Connect Accounts → Make sure to use only Edit connection. The Facebook page needing reconnection will have a warning ⚠️ icon.


Step 3 - Be sure to click “Edit Settings” and allow all pages and permissions to be selected.


Step 4 - After clicking “Edit Settings” select all pages even if only one or two of the pages is desired for connection in the Social Marketing application as this is a MUST ask from Meta. Then click “Next” as shown below.


Step 5 - After clicking “Next” turn on all as this is required by Meta. Then click “Done” and click “OK” on the next screen.



Step 6 - After clicking "OK" the user will be redirected back to Social Marketing as shown below where the user can select the Facebook page(s) required to connect.


Step 7 - Once successfully connected the banner will no longer be seen in the application. Now the user can use Social Marketing tools to post to Facebook. 

When is it available?

This update will be released on June 27, 2023 to all Partners with clients that have Social Marketing activated. 

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