Using Fulfillment Forms

Welcome to the exciting world of Fulfillment Forms! This article will walk you through the process of using fulfillment forms after placing an order and how they can streamline your experience.

Purchasing a Product

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  1. Go to Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts
  2. Select the account you want to make a purchase for
  3. Click Order Products
  4. Select the product(s) that you wish to activate
  5. Click Proceed to Next Step
  6. Ensure that the contact information is correct.
  7. Proceed to purchase and activate the product.
    • After purchase, the order is submitted to the right team to process.
  8. You will be directed to the Fulfillment Form. This form will be available for you to fill out at your own pace after the product has been ordered and the team has received the order.

Completing the Fulfillment Form


  1. Entering Information: The form contains fields for all the information you would previously have needed to provide before submitting your order. Now, you can provide this information after submitting it.
  2. Saving Progress: You can save your progress if you're not ready to submit the form, and return to it later. The button to save progress is located at the bottom of the form.
  3. Submitting the Form: Once the information in the form is complete, click Submit form button. This will notify our team and you will no longer be able to make changes to the form.


Sharing the Fulfillment Form


  1. Sharing the Form: When in Partner Center, the fulfillment form has a share option in the top right corner. This feature allows you to share the form with a Business App user. This way, they can help provide the correct information needed to complete the services.
  2. Customer Involvement: Once you share the form, your customer receives an email and can access the form to help you fill it out. They can also save progress in case they need to consult other stakeholders at their business or complete it at a later time.
  3. Updates from Customers: From your end, you can see the updates your customer makes.
  4. Business App Access: Any Business App user with permission to view the Orders tab will be able to view and edit the fulfillment form regardless of whether or not it has been shared with them.

Note:  Sharing can only be done by Partner Center Admins and Salespeople.  Business App users will not be able to share the form.

Sales Team Interaction

Fulfillment Form Drafts: If you prefer, your salesperson can start filling out the fulfillment form before activating the product. In Sales & Success Center, a draft order can be created, which will create a draft fulfillment form as well.

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts
  2. Select the account for which you want to create a draft order/draft fulfillment form.
  3. Click Actions and select Create order
  4. Click + Add items and select the Marketing Services product(s) you wish to include in the order
  5. Click Continue then click Save as draft
  6. Your salesperson will then be directed to the fulfillment form which will exist as a draft and can be saved as progress is made.

When ready, your salesperson can submit the order for admin approval and activation.

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts
  2. Select the account
  3. Go to the Orders card on the left
  4. Select the Order you want to submit
  5. Click Submit Order in the top right.

From this point, Partner Center admins can approve and activate the order and the fulfillment form will already have all of the details that the salesperson had entered during the drafting stage.

For more information on managing orders between Sales & Success Center and Partner Center, learn more here.

Notifications and Tracking

If your fulfillment form still requires information, you'll receive an in-app notification and an email notification. You'll also see a list of accounts with incomplete fulfillment forms on the home tab.

Once you've submitted a fulfillment form, the status updates to show whether it's in review. You can always keep track of different fulfillment form statuses in the order details.


Fulfillment Forms have been designed to speed up your ordering process. We hope this guide helps you navigate them with ease. If you have any questions, please reach out. Have an awesome day!

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