Automations available for Inbox

The Vendasta platform automations system has triggers and actions that can affect Inbox messaging. Some of these triggers and actions are used in built-in automations that are currently active, as well as templates that your organization can start using.

Manage your automations.

Examples to try:

  • When a new account is created, send a welcome message to users on the account.
  • When a shopping cart is updated, send a message to let the user know someone is available to assist or answer questions.
  • When an account makes a payment, send a thank you message.
  • When it's time for a business review with the customer (say, every 3 months), send a message with your booking link to remind them to find a time in your calendar.

Get started with pre-made templates

These pre-made automation templates are available for your company to start using, and customize.

  • Send a welcome message to Inbox when a new account is created
  • Log a sales activity in Sales & Success Center when someone from your company messages a customer. Use this to track and encourage frequent outreach by your sales team.
  • Auto-respond with a system message when someone contacts your company through Inbox. Use this to set expectations of how quickly someone can expect a reply.

Find templates in the Create workflow in automations.


The following Inbox messages-related triggers are available in the automations system to begin a workflow:

  • A message is sent or received with an account:
    • When a message is sent or received in a conversation with an account
    • When a message is sent by someone from your org
    • When a message is received from someone outside your org


Automations system can perform these Inbox messaging-related actions in an automation:

  • Send an Inbox Message
    • Sends a message into a conversation between you and the account that triggered the automation, viewable by all participants. The message is sent as coming from the assigned salesperson. If there is no assigned salesperson, the message appears as coming from your company. The message content can be customized, and include dynamic fields.

  • Send a ‘system message’ in a conversation
    • System messages appear in the chat to all viewers of that conversation. These are useful for logging events, or providing status updates – but note, they do not trigger a notification.

Importance of rate-limiting

Because messaging can be a high-frequency event, you likely want to rate-limit how many times an action is performed based on a new message being sent or received. This can be done using the Rate Limiter step in Automations.

  • Example: You want to log a sales activity when someone on your sales team reaches out to a customer via messaging. The first message can be logged as a sales activity, but the automations system can wait before logging another event until a period has passed with no messages sent; say, once per day.

Useful actions related to Inbox

You may consider building automations related to messaging that also perform these actions:

  • Set the “hotness” of an account
  • Create a task
  • Add a tag to an account
  • Log a sales activity
    • A sales activity tracks the efforts your sales team has made to contact leads and customers, in Sales & Success Center.
  • Notify someone

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