Why have some business profile fields been removed?

With the addition of the Business Profile in Local SEO, the Google attributes found in the "More" tab are duplicated in some other areas in the Vendasta platform. In order to reduce confusion, we've removed some of these redundant fields located in the "Location" and "Hours" tabs in the Business profile in Partner Center, Local SEO, and Business App.  

If these fields are applicable to your client's business category, your clients can still find them in the Local SEO Business Profile, under the “More” tab. Clients will only see Google attributes that are generic and those specific to their business category. 

The following redundant fields will be removed: 

  • Appointments Only (previously found in the "Hours" tab)
  • In-Store Pickup (previously found in the "Location" tab)
  • No Contact Delivery (previously found in the "Location" tab)
  • Curbside-Pickup (previously found in the "Location" tab)
  • Delivery (previously found in the "Location" tab)
  • Serves Dine In (previously found in the "Location" tab)


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