AI-generated review responses available for all review sources in Reputation Management

What is it?

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the Manage Reviews functionality for all review sources in Reputation Management including Google and Facebook even if these accounts are not connected. This will allow users to quickly create a review response using AI-generated content and apply it to all reviews. This feature only works for Reputation Management Pro.

Why is this important?

Streamlines the process when an admin or user wants to quickly respond to a review to save time, reduce research needed, facilitate content creation, and allow users to interact with their audiences faster. 

How does it work?

Go to the Reputation Management dashboard then click "Reviews" > "Manage Reviews" in the main menu. Filter reviews by any source and "Without Responses" to display the reviews that require a response. Look for the "Suggest Response" and select that:


After clicking "Suggest Response" the AI will generate a response: 


After the AI response is generated, the user can make edits or changes to it. If satisfied with the response, "Copy response" will be available to be clicked (a popup will appear when clicked - see image below) then hit the "Respond" button to use the response at that review website. 

For both Google and Facebook, refer to this previous release on how they utilize the AI-enabled responses within the application. If either of these are not connected, the "Suggest response" function will operate the same as outlined above. Additionally, users will see a new prompt button to connect the account as shown below if it is not already connected to Google. Note: connecting the account will allow in-line responding in the Reputation Management review dashboard without having to visit Facebook or Google. 



When is it available?

This functionality has now been released for all Partners with Reputation Management Pro.

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