AI-generated "suggest a reply" for comments in Social Marketing

What is it?

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the social commenting functionality in Social Marketing to allow users to quickly reply to a social comment by a follower using AI-generated content. This feature works for accounts with Social Marketing Pro.

Why is this important?

When there is a new response or comment on the business page, the user or admin can quickly generate a reply using AI technology that will analyze the followers' comments to provide a reply with the appropriate tone and sentiment.   

How does it work?

Step 1 - Click on "My Posts" > "Customer Posts" from the left nav panel


Step 2 - Click the "Comment" button, both Responded To and Awaiting Response filters will have this option available:


Step 3 - Clicking the comment button will open the "Suggest reply" option > Click "Suggest reply" to get an AI-generated reply to the following comment:


Step 4 - If satisfied with the AI-generated response, simply click the "Post" button or edit the response then post the reply: 


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