Tool: The Ultimate Social Media Checklist




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    Glenn Wasserman

    I am not sure most people would go through something as detailed as this but I like the concept. I can also see it as a way to position my agency as experts in Social Media using the talking points.

    I would like to see this unbranded and perhaps a short explanation or even video on how to use it. That way we can send it to clients to use when communicating to us.

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    Vendasta RepManDA

    Hi Glenn! This checklist is very detailed as it was created for media companies and digital agencies who are sophisticated users, like yourself. I'll make a note that you'd like an unbranded version and see what we can do! Thanks for reaching out!

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    TC Bell

    Is there an unbranded version created yet?

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    Christie Curreri

    It would be great if you guys could provide these pieces as unbranded versions. Thanks!

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