Social Marketing: Instagram Carousel Posts

What is it?

When composing a post for Instagram, the user is able to add multiple images and videos then publish them as new posts, schedule it for a later time, or save the post as a draft. Also while composing a post and selecting media, the user now has the ability to sequence the media while in a single location composer so as to avoid manual efforts of removing and rearranging. 

Why is this important?

Being able to add multiple images and videos helps make the content more discoverable to the wider Instagram community and allows the business to grow its audience. Being able to sort the images and videos improves the process and reduces the time to create new posts. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Select Instagram or another connected network to post new content
Step 2: Only 10 images or videos can be selected at once (this is the maximum allowed from IG). Multiple images can be selected by clicking on them.
Step 3: If posting only to Instagram, images, and videos can be combined for the selection
Step 4: Network-based validations are in place
Step 5: Images with errors will be highlighted with a red box as shown below:


Step 6: If satisfied with the post and the images selected, simply click the "Post Now" button to share the post.

How sorting media in a single location composer works:
Step 1: Go to single location social composer
Step 2: Select multiple images/videos either from your computer or from the library
Step 3: Once the composer has multiple images/videos it can be rearranged as seen below using forward/backward arrows or drag and drop 




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