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VendAsta Support Apr 17 PRODUCT UPDATES / Product Feature Releases

In recent months, we had prepared you for changes that occurred within Presence Builder, specifically around the concept of there being a Lite and a Full Presence Builder product option, complemented by purple and blue product indicators in Partner Central. The purpose behind the addition of Presence Builder Lite at the time was to allow any partner that wasn't using and selling Presence Builder as a website tool (considered our Full version), to have access to features that Presence Builder Lite would provide. Those features included enhanced image posting in Social Marketing, and the soon-to-be released Listing Distribution feature, which is housed in the Presence Builder product.

Moving forward, we will soon be including the full Presence Builder product with your package of existing products. If you didn’t get excited there, you should have! Once implemented, anytime a new SMB account is created, Presence Builder will be included as well, adding a tangible product that you will in turn give to your prospective SMB.

Our goal is have this SMB “take-away” product created in the background while your salespeople are creating the Snapshot prospecting report. When both the Snapshot report and the Presence Builder account are in the hands of the SMB, opportunities are created for you and your sales team — a chance to drive incremental revenue through Listing Distribution and to highlight the additional complementing products available to the SMB.

Watch for more updates on how we are progressing with these upcoming changes.

VendAsta Support Apr 09 PRODUCT UPDATES / Product Feature Releases

You may have heard of "Heartbleed," a flaw in OpenSSL that could allow the theft of data normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. We have tested our secure services, including login screens and API endpoints, and have determined that we are safe from this vulnerability.

More info on Heartbleed can be found here.

VendAsta Support Apr 09 PRODUCT UPDATES / Product Feature Releases

Enhanced options in Account Settings allows for digital agents to easily capture and reference SMB preferences

Once an account has been added to Concierge, starting tomorrow you will have the option to review and edit additional Account Settings that pertain only to that SMB account. This is another layer beyond the already existing Global Settings.

To access the Account Settings, simply go to an SMB account within the Accounts tab in Concierge. You will see the link to Account Settings on the right:


Once within the Account Settings area, you have access to a series of tabs where you can enter relevant SMB business and workflow information.

Business Profile Tab

The Business Profile section serves a dual purpose: the ability to view the business details that are gathered from the corresponding Reputation Intelligence account, as well as adding and editing Contact Details and Additional Details for the digital agent to reference.

The Business Details are populated from the Reputation Intelligence account, are not editable and will stay in a greyed out state. The sections for Contact and Additional Details are empty at the time of account creation — they are meant to be filled in manually based on data you collect when onboarding a client.



Visibility, Mentions, Reviews & Socialize Tabs

We have added the ability to capture information about the SMB that the digital agent will need to reference in order to perform the necessary services within the Concierge platform. These tabs all work in similar ways, using simple yes and no question areas, and specific form questions applicable to each tab. These tabs, like the Business Profile tab, are intended to harbour important client data collected during the onboarding process.




Social Post Tab

The Social Post tab will now include a Social Post Content section for digital agents to utilize, along with the previously existing Social Post Schedule settings. The Social Post Schedule settings will remain the only set of questions where the answers will affect functionality within Concierge for that particular SMB.




Listing Sources Tab

The Listing Sources settings were previously incorporated into Concierge, however, these settings have now been grouped with the new settings tabs as shown below. The functionality remains the same as in prior versions.





Turning tasks on and off by task type allows for further tailoring of the Concierge platform per SMB account

Beginning tomorrow, you will be able to turn specific tasks on and off by task type, per account. This means that you can customize the platform for your SMB clients, so that your digital agents will only be committed to performing specific task types.

You will be able turn on and off all task types that are available to that account: Visibility, Mentions, Reviews, Social Posting and Socialize tasks.

The On and Off toggle switch will be accessed within each specific Account Setting tab, and all task types that are available for the SMB account in question will default to “On” when the account is added to Concierge.




Even when the task type is switched off, you will still be able to edit the information within the individual tab.




When turning task types on and off, there are a few changes you should be aware of. Here is a brief summary:

  • When the account is activated in Concierge, as mentioned above, all tasks that are available will default to “On”.

  • If the account has been activated and the task type is immediately turned off, no tasks of that nature will be generated.

  • If the task type has been turned off after the account has been activated and tasks have generated, no new tasks will be gathered and existing tasks will be left with the status Open, In Progress or Waiting on Customer.

VendAsta Support Apr 09 PRODUCT UPDATES / Product Feature Releases

Providing your SMBs with a way to simplify the process of correcting and creating online listings and citations is a necessity. VendAsta will soon have this option, as we have partnered with all of the four major listing data providers — Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar (Localeze) — in order to bring you a complete listing syndication solution.

Want to know more about Presence Builder’s Listing Distribution? Take a glance here or watch our video: 

Listing Distribution

VendAsta Support Apr 07 PRODUCT UPDATES / Product Feature Releases

You can now monitor the activity related to your connected LinkedIn personal account. This activity feed will be available for viewing in the Respond to Customers tab, and can be toggled on and off similar to the other connected social feeds.

Currently, the functionality released allows for the monitoring of any posts on your LinkedIn feed that have received comments. While responding to these LinkedIn personal page comments through Social Marketing is not yet available (similar to a Foursquare connection), the profile name link is clickable so that you can respond to comments within the LinkedIn platform. This release did not change the commenting functionality that already exists for connected Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, in which you are able to comment directly through the Social Marketing product. 

Here is an example of a connected personal LinkedIn account in the Respond to Customers tab:




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