Vendasta Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Vendasta Community, your place to connect with your peers to learn, share, and collaborate. We’re excited that you’re here - we all benefit from a healthy, vibrant community, and we value your contributions.

“Community” refers to any place on the Vendasta Help Center where you can post. This includes all of the product communities, feedback, and comments sections in the knowledge bases.

Please read through these guidelines before posting or commenting; all users are expected to be familiar with them and will be held accountable for following them. 

Community Code of Conduct

We support an open and friendly environment in our community. To maintain that environment,  we ask you to be respectful of one another and Vendasta, act with good intentions, use good judgment, and assume that others are doing the same. You are responsible for your own actions while participating in this community.

Here are some things to remember in the community:

  • Be respectful, friendly, and sincere
  • Use appropriate tone and language - be nice, don't use foul or inappropriate language
  • Encourage others, especially new users
  • Share what you know
  • Ask for help and help others
  • Provide constructive, helpful answers and feedback
  • Give enough detail, including screenshots and links if needed
  • Read through the “how to post” directions and follow them
  • Relax and have fun!

Here are some things we do not permit in the community:

  • Personal attacks and hate speech will not be tolerated; this includes negative comments or slurs against race, sexual orientation, or gender, or threats to a user’s safety.
  • We reserve the right to remove content that violates the Vendasta/Conquer Local terms of service.
  • No staff will ever ask you for your password or user credentials


Forum posts or content will be removed if they:

  • Contain offensive, harmful, or harassing material.
  • Contain personal or sensitive information about users.
  • Solicit self-promotional content or contain spam. Affiliate marketing is not allowed.
  • Violate any copyrights or licenses.
  • Impersonate Vendasta employees.

Moderators reserve the right to suspend users based on violations in the Community. If you see any content you'd like to flag, please contact us at




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