Inbox in Business App: Overview

What is Inbox in Business App?

Inbox is a team-shared lead capture and customer communication tool connected to the Business App CRM, and is included for all users of Business App.

Businesses centralize customer messaging with integrations to Facebook, Google Business messages, Instagram and email – and upgrade to get SMS, and an AI-assistant web chat widget.

Your business clients can also communicate directly with you through Inbox as well.


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Inbox features for SMB clients

Inbox in Business App has messaging integrations and features that give your clients the ability to capture leads and interact with customers in a team shared Inbox, and manage customers in their centralize CRM.

Supported channels:

  • Email
  • Google Business Messages
  • Facebook Business Messages
  • Instagram Business Messages
  • SMS (US and Canada based businesses) (Paid upgrade)
  • Web Chat with AI-assisted lead capture
  • Website contact forms 

To learn more about Inbox in Business App, see this article.


Support chat between your clients and you

Inbox Messages in Business App allows your clients to reach out to you directly for sales and support through in-platform chat, and communicate with their customers by activating Inbox Pro product in marketplace.

Your clients can use the Contact Us button in the bottom left of Business App to initiate a chat with you, and then come back to that conversation easily from the Inbox Messages tab.

You can configure if this is enabled or disabled in the Business App configuration settings in Partner Center.

For information about Inbox messaging in Partner Center, Sales & Success Center or Vendor Center, see this article.


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