Inbox Messages in Business App: Overview

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Inbox Messages in Business App allows your clients to send SMS messages to their customers and reach out to you directly for sales and support through in-platform chat. 

For information about Inbox messaging in Partner Center or Vendor Center, see this article.


Inbox is team-managed customer chat for local businesses – accessed by all users on an account, allowing them to collaborate as they communicate with and serve their customers. Using Inbox, your clients can quickly and easily reach out to their customers via SMS.

For example, businesses with appointments can use Inbox to manage appointment reminders and rescheduling, or reach out for progress updates. Businesses can also reach out to past customers to generate reviews and return business.

Support chat with you

Your clients can use the Contact Us button in the bottom left of Business App to initiate a chat with you, and then come back to that conversation easily from the Inbox Messages tab.

You can configure if this is enabled or disabled in the Business App configuration settings in Partner Center.


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