Discovery Call Preparation Checklist

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Preparation for discovery calls increases your chances of booking additional meetings and signing new clients. Follow this helpful checklist to make sure you're ready to meet with your prospect.

Step 1. Review Snapshot

Step 2. Search for the Business on Google

  • Check to see if the Google Business Profile has been claimed. (If it has, connect it in Business App while on the call with the prospect to showcase the marketing funnel and how many views that page has received.)
  • Showcase reviews, sorted by "newest".
  • Determine if they are generating recent reviews. (Reviews older than 6 months are not likely to be considered when a consumer is making a buying decision.)
  • Determine whether or not reviews are receiving responses.
  • Check if Questions are being asked/responded to on the Google Knowledge Card.
  • Look at Google posts (if any) and determine if they are recent.

Step 3. Facebook Page (If Applicable)

  • Check Community, Followers & Likes.
  • Showcase reviews.
  • Determine if they are generating recent reviews (Reviews older than 6 months are not likely to be considered when a consumer is making a buying decision.)
  • Determine whether or not reviews are receiving responses.
  • Showcase posts.
  • Determine the recency of posts and engagement.
  • Is there a "call now" button or an appointment scheduler option? If so, where does it take you?

Step 4. Website 

  • Is it mobile/desktop optimized? (Check it both on your computer and your phone.)
  • Do they showcase their reviews?
  • Can an appointment be made? Do customers fill out a form or choose a date in a calendar?
  • Can you click the phone number to call?
  • Does it have e-commerce?

Step 5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Open an incognito window.
  • Ask what they would search on Google if they didn’t know the name of their business. Search for those keywords and showcase where they rank.
  • Do they get business from nearby towns or communities? Do the same search using those community names and showcase where they rank.

Step 6. Ads

  • Check to see if any of their competitors are showing up with a search or display ad.

Next Step: Have a discussion with your client. Connect accounts in Business App!

Helpful Questions to Ask:

  • How do you acquire new business? 
  • Do you rely on referrals?
  • Who is currently in charge of your digital advertising and social media?
  • (If responding to reviews or comments on Facebook.) Who does your review responses/Facebook posting?
  • (If this work is completed internally.) How many hours a week is spent on that? Have you encountered any roadblocks such as multiple individuals sharing the duties and needing to provide logins to all of them? Or have you had to change passwords when someone no longer works for the business?
  • What exactly do you want your website to generate/provide? What is the strategy you want to take? (online appointment booking, virtual tours, information only, online purchases)
  • What is your current marketing/advertising budget?
  • Do you have the capacity to double your business? Would you want to?
  • With regards to flyers/mailers, how much do you spend on those?

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