Mark Multiple VIPs in CalendarHero

What is it?

CalendarHero allows you to mark multiple invitees as "VIP" to denote their importance in attending a group meeting. Marking an invitee as "VIP" in a group meeting will ensure the meeting doesn't happen without them. There is now also the option to mark all invitees as "VIP." In this case, CalendarHero will wait until all invitees have selected suggested times, and considers only the suggested times provided. 

How does it work?

To mark a user as a VIP simply go to the CalendarHero meeting scheduler and click on the empty VIP star icon. When it turns orange this marks this invitee as a VIP. You may do this with multiple VIPs or you may select the "Mark all as VIP" toggle in the top right. 


If there are no overlapping times selected between the VIPs, we will alert the meeting creator that a time could not be found and they can try to schedule the meeting again. If the VIPs select corresponding times, the meeting will be scheduled as usual. If a VIP declines the meeting, we will email all invitees and the meeting creator that the meeting has been cancelled.

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