Social Marketing: Customizing posts per network using validations

What is it?

Each social network has its own definition of what it sets as an acceptable standard for posts. These standards vary widely based on the network and can be quite confusing to know each and every variation allowed and includes such things as character length, image formats, and sizes, video formats and lengths, and much more.

Clients with Social Marketing are able to post at one time in acceptable formats for all of the social networks they wish to share content by simply selecting this new feature “customize by account”.


Why is this important?

Clients selecting this feature when composing posts will have their content versioned for each of the social networks based on the network’s accepted formats. This helps clients successfully post on social media networks easily, and efficiently, and most importantly reduces user formatting errors by meeting the differing requirements of each social network.


How do I access this feature?

When in the composer and adding content for posts, select “customized by accounts” so that the composer will customize this post to be presented on multiple social media networks. By selecting this option, post content will meet the differing requirements of each social network and post successfully without any content-related formatting errors.

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