Filing Billing Disputes

 Billing disputes are never fun, but they don't have to be difficult. When a transaction is disputed, you'll be able to either accept the dispute or provide evidence that the dispute is invalid. 

Best practices when submitting evidence

To increase your likelihood of resolving a dispute in your favor, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep your evidence relevant and to the point
  • Provide clear and accurate evidence
  • Include proof of customer authorization
  • Include proof of service or delivery

For more details on these best practices, please see Stripe's recommendations.

To view disputed charges through Vendasta Payments, follow these steps: 

Please Note: You can only upload evidence in a dispute ONCE. Please make sure to include all necessary evidence on the first upload. 


  1. Navigate to Partner Center > Commerce > Payments. image.png
  2. Click on the specific payment being disputed.image.png
  3. Select Provide Evidence. image.png
  4. This takes you to the page below where you can enter details of the transaction and upload evidence documents.image.png
  5. Submit supporting evidence by uploading from the system or by dragging and dropping.​ Again, please be aware that you can only submit evidence one time


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