How to activate CalendarHero for all accounts

By selling the free version of CalendarHero, your clients will gain immediate access to online scheduling, adding even more value to their Business App experience. There are no limitations to how many free versions of CalendarHero you can offer your clients. Set everyone up with online scheduling! 

1) To activate the free version of CalendarHero for all your clients, start by ensuring that the product is enabled by clicking on “Start Selling”. 

2) Next, it’s time to create a list of all accounts you would like to activate CalenderHero for. Follow the steps listed in this guide to create your list. Follow the steps listed in this guide to add accounts to that list. 

3) Once your list is ready to go, click on the kebab menu next to your list and find the “Activate Product” button.


list.PNG 4) Next you’ll need to search for and select CalendarHero, then click “Activate.”



Just like that, all your clients now can get up and running with online scheduling right out of the box! 

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