What is the difference between Website Pro and Standard?

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The difference between Website Pro and Standard is mainly in the business layer rather than technology. Currently, Pro and Standard websites are all hosted on the same platform, sharing the same computational resources. However, there are a few premium features that are either only available to Pro or limited to Standard accounts:

  • Custom domains: Pro accounts can add custom domains to their websites, while Standard accounts can only have one default domain (like my-site.websitepro.hosting) for each website.
  • Staging sites: Pro accounts can create a staging environment for their websites, make necessary changes in the staging environment, and push the change to production with minimum downtime. Standard accounts can only edit their production websites directly. A staging site is separate from the production site, and you can import All-In-One Site Export or Website Pro backups to a staging environment
  • Backups: The platform creates daily backups for all websites automatically, and also allows users to create backups manually at any given time. These backups can be saved for up to 60 days for Pro accounts, while for Standard accounts it is only one day.


We also plan to limit the database and file storage sizes of Standard accounts in the future. Otherwise, Standard accounts should enjoy most of the nice features (such as Google Analytics, caching, phpMyAdmin/SFTP access) and full performance of the platform as Pro. We hope that customers would be more willing to upgrade after getting a true taste of the product.


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