Why is the Bounce rate less for my Website in Google analytics?

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Generally speaking, a low Bounce Rate means the site is doing well and a high Bounce rate means there could be an issue with your website’s design, usability, SEO/content, or functionality. Anything below a 10% bounce rate must not be ignored, this could be a technical issue in the website or settings that need to be worked on. This is especially common in WordPress websites that end up having analytics code inserted both in your template and also in an SEO plugin.

It's also possible that your website or landing page is so well optimized that all of your users interact and stay on-site.
You can run a test for the Website's performance here -


How to Identify if there are multiple tags inserted in the Website Backend codes?

  1. Install this extension - Google tag assistant extension in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now, Run the website by clicking on pages and analyze it by clicking on extensions that we had installed.

Now, here are the various colors that indicate the issue on which scale is it affected.
Red means that at least one Google Tag (let’s say, Google Analytics) has a major issue that needs to be addressed.
Yellow means that at least one Google Tag has a minor issue and the issue should be addressed, otherwise you might face some tracking discrepancies.
Blue means that some non-standard implementation is found. While usually, such issues are not as serious as major (red) or minor (yellow) problems, you still might want to take a look at your implementation.
Green is the color you should be looking for, it means that all tags highlighted with green color are working perfectly.

Here is the Video Recording for a more practical understanding:

Reference Article: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/google-tag-assistant-tutorial/

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