Marketing Services: Digital Ads Refund Policy

At Vendasta, we value transparency and trust with our partners. With many different working parts and departments, there are multiple policies and processes for each. Our Digital Ads team has a special ad spend policy we would like to remind all of our partners of.


Unused Ad Spend

When purchasing an ad campaign, an ad spend amount is chosen and agreed upon between our team and yourself. Once an ad spend amount is chosen, we will not offer any refunds on unused ad spend. When money is collected, the budget will always be exhausted for the campaign and the current month.


Campaign End

All spend change requests and cancellations must have a 5 day notice period. If the change request is submitted at the last minute and the renewal happens, we will run the campaign for the amount that was renewed, and the spend change request will be in effect for the following month. If there is an emergency pause due to a situation, for example, the seasonality of a campaign, we will hold the unspent amount in the form of a credit, and use it upon re-activation. 

If you would like to learn more about ad spend changes, see this resource article.


Campaign Promotions

If a campaign promotion is ordered, and the promotion ends before the budget is exhausted, we will create general ads to run with the remaining ad spend budget.


Campaign Performance

There will be no refunds given if there are discrepancies with the campaign’s performance. However, we will be willing to conduct a complimentary meeting to re-strategize the ad campaign for the following month.

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