Automation trigger: A user is active in Business App

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Want to know when a user is active in Business App? Set up an automation using 'A user is active in Business App' trigger! This trigger fires every minute that a user is logged in. Paired with the new Rate Filter step, you can create some really useful automations. 

Check out these templates that use this trigger:

When a user is logged in to Business App, receive a notification every X days

New step: Rate Filter

Do you want an automation to run more than just once, but the trigger is firing too often? Use the new Rate Filter step! 

This step splits the workflow into separate paths depending on how many times an account has reached the step in a specific time period. 






Dynamic content feature

You can insert dynamic content into certain steps to pass along more specific information! You can insert:

  • Recipient details—Business name, business website, customer identifier, and account identifier
  • Sender details—Company name, website, email, phone number, street address, city, state, country, and postal code
  • Assigned salesperson details—First name, last name, email, phone number, job title, and login URL
  • Business App details—Business App name, Business App URL, store URL, and preview URL

This content is available in the following steps:

  • Notify a digital agent
  • Notify an admin
  • Notify a salesperson
  • Notify the user
  • Create a fulfillment task
  • Create a sales task
  • Log activity and hotness rating

To insert dynamic content, click on the Variables dropdown, or the { } icon within a field. 





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