What's the definition of 'active user' in Business App?

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In the automations system, there is a trigger called “When a user is active in Business App.” This document explains in more detail what will and will not fire this trigger.


For this trigger, the user means only a true client.

  • A user in this case is a user that has only a client persona attached to their email address.
  • The email address of a true client user has only been used for the Business App account, and not for any other Vendasta accounts like Partner Center, Sales & Success Center or Task Manager.

Impersonation or Admin viewing Business App:

  • This trigger is NOT fired when an elevated admin user accesses Business App through another center. For example via impersonation or Admin-view (e.g. by clicking the “Open Business App” button in Partner Center.)

This trigger is fired continuously while a user is logged in and interacting with Business App. This is why we recommend pairing this trigger with a rate limiter – otherwise, it may trigger an event over and over continuously while a user is using Business App.

Product not supported: 

  • Please note, currently, the event will not fire if a user has left Business App, and is inside a product like Reputation Management or Social Marketing. This trigger only applies to Business App itself.

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