Advertising Intelligence: Connect multiple Facebook Ad accounts

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Businesses may have ad campaigns spread out across different Facebook Ad accounts. In Advertising Intelligence, you can more effectively monitor, manage, navigate, and keep track of all of your client’s ad campaigns and accounts. Total impressions, clicks, and conversions will be displayed in the Executive Report. Plus, with Advanced Reporting enabled, you will have access to metrics for all the campaigns under each of the connected accounts, making it even easier to prove performance and ROI to clients.

How does it work?

Adding Multiple Accounts


  1. To add new Facebook Ad accounts, simply go to the Settings page in Advertising Intelligence.
  2. Click on the "Connect" button under Facebook Ads.
  3. Once you’ve connected an account, the "Connect" button for Facebook Ads will remain available. This allows you to go through the account connection process multiple times to connect to however many accounts you want.

Viewing Stats

When multiple accounts are connected, stats for each account will appear on the Overview page. Campaigns under each account will also be included in the Campaigns list table.

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