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Vendasta has made it easier to update business information on your website created with Website Standard or Pro. 

If a user selects one of Vendasta’s 7 eCommerce templates (with Divi Builder and WooCommerce) they will automatically see their contact information on the front end of their site. This information is pulled from the Business Profile in Business App. 

Additionally, every templated site comes with an already installed plugin that will allow users to input shortcodes or code blocks in various places on their website. These shortcodes are synchronized with the Business Profile and when updated in Business App, will be reflected on the website. 

At Vendasta, we’re in the business of making site creation as easy as possible. With the sync of information users only have to worry about updating it in one area of the platform. This will help to reduce errors and outdated information; ensuring that your client’s customers can easily contact the business if need be. 

It also provides website designers and developers with the flexibility to input shortcodes and blocks to display business information however they’d like. 

How does it work?

Before spinning up a new website using Vendasta’s Website product, users should ensure all business information is up-to-date and accurate. This can be completed in the Business App Business Profile section. 


Contact Information 

Once a user has ensured their business information is correct, they can spin up their new website. It is important to note that one of Vendasta’s 7 eCommerce templates is required for this sync. 

Once the site is spun up they should see accurate contact information reflected on the front end of their website. 


Short Codes

To use shortcodes and have the information from the Business Profile sync with a user’s website you’ll need to navigate to the WordPress Dashboard. 

From here select the Tools tab and Business Profile Render sub-tab. 


This plugin provides ways to automatically sync information on your site from the Company Name to a specific social network link. It includes both shortcodes and reusable blocks.

Specific instructions on how to properly utilize each type of block are located within the tab in WordPress. 

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