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As a salesperson, you're often busy moving from meeting to meeting with little time to sit down and type out accurate notes. Not only that, when you're moving between sales calls you may forget to include an important piece of information as you focus on your next client. 

With voice-to-text sales notes, it's easy for you to quickly update your account notes without having to slow down and type them all out.  You can easily keep your account up-to-date in just a few simple steps. 

How to enable voice-to-text sales notes

  1. Log in to Sales & Success Center
  2. Go to Accounts > Manage
  3. Click into the account you'd like to update with sales notes
  4. Click Log a call, email, or meeting just below Recent activity
  5. Select the activity from the drop-down list
  6. Click the microphone icon ef8b610043f14f2f7d812fb2c185beb3.png   next to Add notes
  7. Say what you'd like to add as a sales note and click Add


Note: You cannot edit a sales note once added. If you need to edit a sales note, you'll need to delete the previous one and add a new note. 

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