Orders & Billing: Recurring Invoices

The Recurring Invoice functionality has been discontinued for new Partners. Please familiarize yourself with the enhanced Subscription Billing feature, which has been introduced as a replacement.

We are excited to announce further flexibility in Vendasta orders and billing in the form of multiple and recurring invoicing! Creating and scheduling invoices is easier and more flexible than ever before. This update was released June 22nd, 2022.

What’s included?

For this first slice of recurring invoicing, you have the ability to set up one or more recurring invoices on an account. You have the option of setting:

  • Weekly renewal
  • Monthly renewal
  • Yearly renewal
  • Custom renewal
  • Memo for a description of the invoice

For each invoice, you choose a start date, set a specific day of the month the invoice should be sent, and the collection method. You can also suspend recurring invoices without having to delete them.

How does it work?

Go to Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > choose account > New > Recurring Invoice


The account information will pre-populate on the first card of the recurring invoice. You must select a user on the account to receive the invoice.


Next, input the items you are invoicing the customer for. Start typing the product or service under the ‘Name’ box. Once you have chosen, the quantity and unit price will auto-populate. You can adjust either if you wish. Click “add line item” to add it to the invoice. You also have the ability to add packages to the invoice.


On the right-hand side are the recurring invoice schedule options. Toggling the “Send invoices” on or off with either start or stop sending invoices to the user. You then choose which day you would like the next invoice to be sent, and then determine the recurring cadence and what day you’d like it to be sent (depending on if you choose weekly, monthly, or yearly). 

Finally, choose the collection method for how you will be receiving payment for the invoice. You have the option to create the invoice without sending it to the customer, email the invoice to the customer only if you collect payment outside of the Vendasta platform, or collect the payment automatically, which will send the invoice to the customer and collect the payment via Vendasta payments.


After the Invoice

Once the recurring invoice has been created, you can view all recurring invoices for an account under Businesses > Accounts > choose account > Invoices Tab > Recurring Invoices.

All generated invoices for your accounts can be seen viewed through Partner Center > Billing > Invoices.

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