Marketplace: Daily digest emails for product activations

Vendasta Partner Center administrators will automatically receive a daily digest email summarizing the previous day's account activities, including product activations, deactivations, and pending deactivations. This will help you keep track of the activities in your accounts and take the necessary actions at the right time, such as product onboarding for new activations or saving a pending product deactivation.

How does it work?


This email will give you an overview of the following types of account activities that have occurred since the last daily digest email was sent:

  • New Activations: Products that have been activated
  • New Deactivations: Products that have been fully deactivated
  • New Pending Deactivations: Products that have been canceled, but will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. These only appear once in the email, on the day after the product has been canceled.

Clicking on "View account activity" will lead you to the Marketplace > Products page in Partner Center. Click on a product to review account activity and deactivations for a specific product, or review activity on individual accounts by clicking on View Accounts under the relevant product.

To unsubscribe from these emails, go to Partner Center > Notifications icon bell_icon.png > Settings gear_icon.jpg> Accounts > Daily Activity and deselect "Emails".


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